Questera Supports its Clients in their BYOD Policies and Processes

Questera Supports its Clients in their BYOD Policies and Processes

A present emerging trend, brought by the personal computing revolution, as well as by mobility and portability, is the incorporation, to corporate arquitectures and networks, of personal devices belonging to the end users, known as  BYOD (“Bring Your Own Device”). It appears in different forms, that go from the simple permission to the employees to use their own tablets and smartphones, up to the planning and implementation of complete standardization programs, facilitating, financing and even subsidizing the acquisition of specific devices and platforms, with the associated corporate software tools and applications. BYOD has the potential of increasing employee’s personal productivity and work environment flexibility, and to reduce operational costs, but it also presents important strategic and tecnological challenges, including security matters, providing corporate support and help desk to devices owned by others and the management of diverse IT assets.

In Brazil, although small companies have long created informal solutions to include employee’s private mobile phones, tablets, notebooks and other portable devices into their operational processes, larger companies only more recently have turned their attention to these alternatives, that implies, for them, the need of careful planning and implementation, involving the management of hardware devices and their associated software platforms, the management of the applications executed from these devices, data management, corporate network management, security and privacy aspects, etc.

It is apparent the complexity inherent to the introduction of these new problems in the definition, implementation and maintenance of enterprise architectures, as well as their direct consequences in other contexts of the corporate technological strategy, such as cloud computing and virtualization policies, for instance.

QUESTERA advises its clients to evaluate and incorporate BYOD perspectives into their Information and Communication Technologies strategic planning. The course


(outline available in Portuguese only), offered to clients and partners, also deals with the essential elements of these matters.

We want to assist you in improving the efficacy of applying Information and Communication Technologies. Talk to us about our programs and initiatives oriented to support your corporate technological planning!

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